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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
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15th-Jun-2008 08:53 pm(no subject)
don't waste the pretty
Gah. I hate when you type out a big long post and then IT DOESN'T POST!


So I'm not typing it out again. Sorry. But here's a survey. :)

and the boy is coming this weekend! [in more ways than one...I mean...what?]Collapse )
don't waste the pretty
Yeah, I did it.


I really need to find a job.

i must be insane.Collapse )
don't waste the pretty
So I got bored and decided that some lj business might be good while I'm searching desperately for a job this summer. I know I know, I'm terrible about this. I tend to only get on here when I'm sitting at home with nothing to do. But as least I'll be around for the summer, right?

And I'm currently doing this:


We'll see how it turns out. You should come keep me company or something over there while my pictures are scrutinized are spoiled high school girls taking pictures of themselves in their bras for myspace. :)

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Apparently since my pictures have to much "contrast", I'm "not suited for this place."

Sounds about like what I was expecting. Oh dear, my photos are not nearly immature/amateur for them. I'm so distraught.

God, I feel like I just stepped back into my high school. Yikes.
don't waste the pretty
This post is for Katie and Liz, as the 'something extra' for my Sisterhood Adoption Application.

Its basically a picture blog, with some doodles and random stuff. You can check it out if you really feel like it.

'if i was going to be alive, then i might as well be incredible.'Collapse )
don't waste the pretty
So I've been doodling. [note my icon]

I made a HUGE pirate!doodle page for my friend, and she was all like...THIS IS AMAZING.

So I figured, hey, why not post this junk on LJ and see if anyone likes it? [i mean...my play-doh Josh stuff went over pretty well...]

Yeah. So here's some doodles. Actually, I guess I should say here's an INCREDIBLY HUGE post of doodles.

pirates and wizards and nerdfighters, oh my.Collapse )
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