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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
"between two evils, i always pick the one i never tried before" - mae west. 
11th-Aug-2007 12:22 pm
don't waste the pretty
So I've been doodling. [note my icon]

I made a HUGE pirate!doodle page for my friend, and she was all like...THIS IS AMAZING.

So I figured, hey, why not post this junk on LJ and see if anyone likes it? [i mean...my play-doh Josh stuff went over pretty well...]

Yeah. So here's some doodles. Actually, I guess I should say here's an INCREDIBLY HUGE post of doodles.

Some of these were pictures taken on a camera phone, so if the quality or color is kinda wonky, that would be why.

Will with swords. // not-a-pirate!Will. // Happy Will in a really big shirt.

wtfcleavage?Elizabeth. // King Elizabeth. // Jack and not-a-pirate!Will.

Jack with rum. // OMG KRACKEN. // Um...doodle!kracken is basically the bane of my existance.

Jack just makes one awesome stick figure. // Davy Jones! This just makes me laugh.

Barbossa. Hot, I know. // Tia Dalma/Calypso. With rock crab.

Some Potter!doodles, anyone?

I posted this one before, methinks. // NO! NOT RALPH!

The first stick-figure Sirius. // The second stick-figure Sirius. // The Marauders all look incredibly lame here, sorry. I'll draw a better one.

The third stick-figure Sirius. // I don't know why exactly Draco pops his collar...I just decided that he did.

And some doodles in lovely icon-shaped form. I didn't post all these in original size, because I figured it was a waste of space.

Oh. And I made this signature banner thing for Chloe...it was going to be an image map but turns out she can't use it. So whatever.

You like? I can make you one, if you want. :)

I was also coloring in my Harry Potter coloring book today [yes, i have a HP coloring book, its the most amazing thing ever!], and look at what I did! I posted the small versions, because the big ones are WAY. BIG. And these aren't all finished, either. Obviously.

[i cropped Ginny because I accidentally colored her other arm gray when I wasn't paying attention.]

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