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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
"somebody has to do something, and its just really pathetic that it has to be us" - jerry garcia 
18th-Aug-2007 11:29 pm
don't waste the pretty
This post is for Katie and Liz, as the 'something extra' for my Sisterhood Adoption Application.

Its basically a picture blog, with some doodles and random stuff. You can check it out if you really feel like it.

Yes, apparently Youtube has something against my videos. Why? I'm not sure. But I've decided that this is the best possibly substitute.

Mostly because I never have a lack of pictures, its an addiction, I must say. Everything in life should be documented some way or another, I say.

So this is me:

...with a Tiffany's box on my head. And no, there's not anything in it. My mom got a ring and I asked her if I could keep the box. Better than the actual jewelry, in my opinon.

And obviously: My name is Chelsea. I'm 19. I attend Berry College in the oh-so-exciting town of Rome, GA.

Before I go on, I would like to mention that I saw the movie 'Stardust' today, and that you should DEFINITELY see it if you haven't yet. I SO WISH I lived close to you so I could actually come visit and we could go see it together, but unfortunately Texas is about 16 hours away and its coming up on 1 in the morning. Probably not going to work out so well. Sad day.

Let me show you around...

I'm not the tidiest person, that's for sure. But hey, there's TOTALLY a difference between messy and disorganized. I'm actually very organized. My piles are very specific.

I don't have walls, I have collages. I'm a bit of a pack rat - I have programs up there from the 8th grade.
[it was a good year, what can I say?]

A VERY small sampling from my movie collection. I'm a bit of a movie buff, I must say. In addition to my stick figure skills, I also have pretty great quoting-things-nobody-knows skills. Crazily enough, one of my most frequent quoting subjects is 'Clue', and hardly anyone ever knows what I'm talking about!! So you can imagine my excitement about Katie being the Clue Nerdfighter, with whom I can quote the endless brilliance to my heart's content.

And on the subject of skills...

Allow me to pimp my decorating-tote-bags-with-sharpie skills.
Yes, I carry this around school.
And yes, I have defamed the preppy-ness of an American Eagle tote, which I think makes this even more Nerdfighter-y, personally.

Ah, Boy Meets World. The things you have taught me...

Is it time for the favorites list? I suppose so.
And its getting way too late to bother with sorting this out, so I'm just going to spit out things that I love as quickly as possible why most definitely singing "Favorite Things".

Coffee, especially Starbucks, Italian food, Old movies [I am the Turner Classic Nerdfighter, after all], Harry Potter, Sharpies, Red lipstick, Anything Vintage, Covering everything in song lyrics and quotes, Tie-Dye, 'The Great Gatsby', Cities, Broadway, Stars, Marilyn Monroe, Crayola Crayons, Mountain Dew, Paste magazine, Burned CDs, Orlando Bloom, Dark Chocolate, Green tea, Mangos, Pomegranates, anything mango or pomegranate flavored, Dancing in the rain, Josh Groban, 'Breakfast at Tiffany's', Johnny Depp, Jazz music, Music in general [just not country or rap, and especially jazz and classic rock and indie], New music that no one else knows, Anything not mainstream, Being unpredictable, Chinese food, Green, Purple, Pictures, Spontaneous days, Gene Kelly, Hugs, Summertime, Roadtrips, 'Casablanca', Performing, Picnics, Stargazing, Worn-in jeans, 'Pirates of the Caribbean', Really Old Theatres, Cole Porter, Cheesecake, Sidewalk cafes, Film festivals, Concerts, Meeting new people...

I'll stop. I could go on forever, obviously.

 1- I wish I was British so I could use the word 'snog' without sounding ridiculous.
 2- That cap in the bottom right does actually say, "Say Hello To My Little Lizard!" Not kidding.

And I actually did stick that to my face to take this picture. Hardcore, I know.

And some more Harry Potter related things...

...like the shirt I made for the Deathly Hallows midnight release...and the cupcakes we ate with pictures of Harry looking like he just got his wisdom teeth pulled.

Into the Woods, brought to the stage from the brillance of Sondheim.

This is Bailey.
She's a Wheaton Terrier. And the exciting news here is that Josh Groban has the SAME KIND OF DOG. So naturally, after the concert, I mentioned this to him when he was signing my shirt. And we had a mini-conversation. And yeah, we're totally soulmates, I know.

The sign was hanging in Zaxby's. It was a kodak moment, for sure.

And now can I pimp myself as a theatre kid?


I'm a bit of a diva, I can't help it.

Adventures in Walmart, anyone?

Its pretty much the only thing you can do in Rome after 11pm. 24 hours, baby.

You just haven't lived until you've had a lightsaber fight in the ailes of Walmart.

So, I remembered on the application there was a question about birthday gifts...so I thought I'd share this picture of what I did for my roommate on her birthday.

But since you're so far away, you shouldn't have to worry. Well. Maybe not.

Some stuff-on-my-head pictures. 1-Humprey Bogart/Maltese Falcon mug that kept falling off. 2- Harry Potter. Duh. 3- A pinecone. Yes, a pinecone.

Holy crap its almost 1:30. What an excellent way to waste spend my night!

So for my birthday my mother got me one of those life-size cardboard Jack Sparrows.

[he usually stands in the corner, but sometimes he gets excited.]

Anyways, the strange thing was that it came with a miniature version, about a foot and half high. I mean, that's cool and all, but why do I need a mini-Jack when I have the life-size one? So I can have one that's travel size?

Remember, safety first.

I thought that went well with my signature duck joke.

Oh my goodness, I almost forgot! How can I proclaim myself the Turner Classic Nerdfighter without any Turner Classic-y pictures? The main one being that I made a damn good Marilyn Monroe this past Halloween.

Anyways, this nonsense has gone on quite long enough, methinks. I hope this was sufficient as my 'something extra', and I can't wait for the results.

And with this, I bid you goodnight, and goodluck.

 [oh, the treasures found in Louisville.]

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