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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
"I'm a little jealous of the life I'm supposedly leading." - zach braff. 
11th-Jan-2008 02:29 pm
don't waste the pretty

1. I've had a hurricane named after me.
2. ...and then everyone was teasing me after it turned out to be a really bad one.
3. I would never date anyone more than three years older than me.
4. Sometimes my best friend pisses me off.
5. I've had my hair Japanese straightened before.
6. ...and I loved it.
7. Spring is by far the best season.
8. I--unlike many others--actually like spinach.
9. Brocolli with cheese is pretty good, too.
10. Whenever I go to the mall, I seem to check out guys more than actually shop.
11. Even though I'm boy crazy, I don't date much.
12. My neighbors are weird.
13. Emo/scene haircuts are the bomb!
14. I'm actually content with my body.
15. I think I have more body hair than a woman should have.
16. My first screenname is embarassing.
17. I think the concept of cyber sex is completely retarded.

18. One and done, that's my motto for relationships.
19. Loving people is for the weak.
20. I rarely ever kill bugs, I just let them outside.
21. Sleeping naked really isn't as comfortable as people make it seem.
22. Neither are thongs, actually.
23. I'll be honest, I stuffed my bra atleast once.
24. ...or I wore a padded one.

25. The smell of AXE drives me crazy!
26. I'll admit, I can be a bit racist sometimes.
27. Ick, the concept of gay marriage is completely disgusting.
28. I don't believe in God.
29. Cheezits are damn good.
30. I want my first job to be at a food place.
31. I think school should change its hours so we don't have to wake up so early.
32. I completely disagree with the idea of homework.
33. Netspeak is the most annoying thing that exists on the internet.
34. I've seen hentai and it has scarred me for life.
35. I usually go out of my way for the person I love.
36. Guys with long hair are gross!
37. So are guys with tight pants!
38. Gerard Way looked so much better with long hair.
39. I hate labels.
40. I think online dating is only for desperate people.
41. I've been to Gaia Online and it's the most addicting website aside from MySpace.
42. Religion is probably the cause of most of the world's problems.
43. I'm always worried about what my friend's parents will think of me.
44. I dig a guy with big brown eyes.
45. Bush needs to get out of office... NOW!
46. Make love, not war!

47. My mom is an über-bitch.
48. Learning a second language is much harder than it looks.
49. My worst subject in school is math.
50. I never had braces and I don't need them; my teeth are perfectly straight.
51. Same with my eyesight. I have 20/20 vision, or something close to perfect.

52. Converses are the ugliest shoes I have ever seen.
53. People who repost those "repost dis or ull die!" bulletins annoy me throughly.
54. I wear a bra to sleep.

55. Hot Topic is way too expensive.
56. Okay okay, so I'm a bit judgmental of people...
57. Spelling and grammar are extremely important to me.

58. Y'know, Hitler would be pretty cool if he wasn't crazy...
59. I believe in evolution.
60. I'm Muslim and I've been to the holy city of Mecca.
61. The new AIM sucks, so I use the old one.
62. I've never had a boyfriend in my entire life.
63. Penises are just... ewww.
64. I text people in class alot.
65. Half of the videos on YouTube suck.
66. "MySpace the Movie" is truely hilarious.
67. I consider myself to have a large vocabulary.
68. I am well overdue for a vacation.

69. I know what movie this is from-- "All work and no play, that's what makes Jack a very dull boy."
70. It's funner to type using a typewriter than a keyboard.
71. Garage sales are the best!
72. So are thrift shops... hooray for bargains!
73. Designer bags are stupid. $70 for a purse? Puh-lease!
74. I can find atleast one thing wrong with all of my friends.
75. Hoop earrings... the bigger the hoop, the bigger the whore.
76. I can actually walk in heels!
77. I'm a tomboy.
78. Boys make better friends than girls sometimes.
79. I know atleast a word or two from seven different languages.
80. I can count to ten in German!
81. Man, isn't nature wonderful?
82. The Spice Girls were actually a good band, I wish they'd come back.
83. Rammstein!
84. I'm a pyro-maniac.
85. I'm depressed alot over little things that shouldn't matter.
86. I keep an online journal.
87. If my mom found my MySpace/online journal, my ass would be grass.
88. Detetions are actually fun sometimes.
89. Money money money money money...
90. I think the guy should pay for the girl on dates.

91. ...nah, I think each should pay for themselves.
92. Konnichiwa, minna-san!
93. Anime is great... so is manga.
94. I hate when other people talk in a different language around me.
95. I'm not fat, I'm just American.
96. I know the difference between my nationality and my ethnic background.
97. I've actually met someone who seriously TYP3D 1N 1337.
98. WHeN qiiRLS TyPe LiiKe THiiSZ, ii CaN'T HeLP BuT CRaCK uHP.
99. I wear socks all the time, even in the summer.
100. Brianna @ surveys_for_nimrods is the shiz.

[x] You're taken and happy
[x] You have atleast one person you can trust fully
[x] You have atleast 10 good friends
[x] You think your parents are pretty good to you
[x] You're friendly with everyone or mostly everyone at school
Total so far: 5

[x] You get good/decent grades
[x] You're a quick learner
[x] You mostly look forward to going to school
[x] Most of your friends go to your school
[] You don't get introuble alot
Total so far: 9

[x] You have your own room
[] You get allowance
[x] You have your own computer
[x] You have your own cellphone and/or phone line
[] You have a well-paying, good job that you like
Total so far: 12

[] You have alot of privacy
[x] You get along with your siblings
[] You can talk to your parents about most things
[x] You're inlove with someone and happy with it
[x] You're content with the way you look
Total so far: 15

[x] People compliment you often
[x] You believe in yourself
[x] You're working on achieving your goals
[x] You're happy most of the time
[] You rarely ever cry
Total so far: 18

[x] You have your own radio/CD player/iPod/MP3 Player/etc.
[] You don't often find yourself wanting more things
[] You don't wish to be someone else
[x] You have a television in your room
[x] You have your own computer in your room
Total so far: 21

[x] You hangout/try to hangout with your friends often
[x] You get out and do things alot
[x] You know how to have fun without going somewhere
[] You enjoy eating together with your family
[x] You've been on atleast one date before
Total so far: 25

[x] You've kissed someone other than family and friends
[x] You've had atleast 1 boyfriend/girlfriend
[] You have/had a relationship that lasted more than 2 months
[x] You know how to make the best of it when you're single
[x] You're content with your love life at its current state
Total so far: 29

[x] You have a sibling you get along with really well
[] You get to see your favorite family members often
[x] You don't give in to peer pressure
[x] You could care less about the popular kids at school and what they say
[] You don't judge and/or label people alot
Total so far: 32

[x] You think your life is pretty good
[x] You've never tried to kill yourself
[x] You've never self-harmed
[] You've never been clinically depressed
[] You have most of the things that you think will make your life complete
Grand total: 35

Multiply your final number by 2, and that's the percentage of how good your life is.

my life is 70% good. Ok then.

60 have you evers.
[x] drove a car.
[ ] shot a gun.
[ ] been arrested.
[x] been in a band.
[ ] shoplifted.
[x] been out of the country.
[x] had a job.
[ ] smoked pot.
[ ] rode in an ambulance.
[x] cried over a movie.
[x] met a celebrity.
[x] moved.
[x] baked a cake.
[ ] been suspended.
[x] been tubing.
[ ] gone skiing.
[ ] been paintballing.
[x] made out.
[x] finished a crossword puzzle.
[x] blew more than $300 in one store.
[x] been drunk.
[x] been to a wild party.
[ ] parasailed.
[ ] swam in the pacific ocean.
[ ] risked your life for someone else's.
[ ] saw someone killed.
[x] watched cartoons all morning.
[x] got the munchies.
[x] cleaned your whole room.
[x] had someone clean your whole room for you.
[x] stained a carpet.
[x] ruined your favorite shirt.
[x] "wrong im"ed.
[x] been hospitalized.
[ ] shopped on rodeo drive.
[ ] rode the london eye.
[ ] climbed the eiffel tower.
[ ] dropped a baby.
[ ] adopted a pet.
[ ] had your life in danger.
[ ] fell off something high.
[ ] almost drowned.
[x] broke up a fight.
[x] stood up for someone.
[x] been told you look like someone famous.
[x] helped a stranger.
[ ] been fired.
[x] been caught doing something bad.
[x] cheated in a board game.
[x] been on a boat.
[x] seen 'the virgin suicides'.
[ ] gone to school under the influence.
[x] climbed a tree.
[x] played super mario 64.
[x] gone on vacation with a friend.
[ ] broken a bone.
[x] snuck into a movie.
[ ] ran from the law.
[ ] been a vegetarian.
[x] bought someone the best gift ever.

New Years
[] New Years is my favorite holiday.
[x] I am a very loud person.
[x] I love to go out partying.
[ ] I believe in second chances.
[ ] I always make New Years resolutions.
[x] I was kissed this year at midnight.
Total: 3

Valentines Day
[] Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday.
[] My significant other is the most important thing in my life.
[] I have received a very expensive gift on Valentine's Day.
[x] I think I'm a very romantic person.
[x] Love is all that I need in life.
[] Pink or red is my favorite color.
Total: 2

St. Patrick's Day
[] St. Patrick's Day is my favorite holiday.
[x] I am Irish.
[x] Green is my favorite color.
[x] I pinch people if they aren't wearing green.
[x] I think I'm a very lucky person.
[] I love beer.
Total: 4

[] Easter is my favorite holiday.
[] I am a religious person.
[] Bunnies are my favorite animal.
[x] I love to dye eggs.
[x] I still have my Easter basket hidden for me.
[x] Purple or yellow is my favorite color.
Total: 3

Fourth of July
[] The Fouth of July is my favorite holiday.
[x] I watch the fireworks every year.
[ ] Red, white, or blue is my favorite color.
[x] I know someone who fought/is fighting in Iraq.
[] I am very patriotic.
[] I would like to serve in the war someday.
Total: 2

[x] Halloween is my favorite holiday.
[x] I love to scare people.
[ ] Black or orange is my favorite color.
[ ] I love dark, weird, and creepy things.
[x] I love to dress up all the time.
[ ] Horror movies are my favorite.

[] Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.
[x] I love to eat food!
[ ] My family is the most important thing to me.
[] I rarely ask or want.
[] Earth tones are my favorite colors.
[x] I am very thankful for what I have.
Total: 2

[x] Christmas is my favorite holiday.
[] Red or green is my favorite color.
[x] I would rather give than receive.
[x] I love the snow!
[x] I start my Christmas shopping very early.
[] I always give to the needy around Christmas.
Total: 4

I am St. Patrick's Day and Christmas. Sweet.

Airplanes scare me.
A Walk To Remember is a good movie.
All you can eat buffets are awesome!
Art is my favorite subject.
Baseball is my favorite sport to watch on TV.
Barney was my favorite show as a kid.
Baking is funner than cooking.
Bugs scare me.

Balloons are hard to tie.
Cats are my favorite animal.
Cleaning is really annoying.
Carrots are my favorite vegetable.
Camping is one of my favorite activities.
Cancer has killed someone I knew very well.
Dogs are better than cats.

Drinks are better from a can than a bottle.
Drinking alcohol should be allowed at a younger age.
Drowning is one of my biggest fears.
Deer are so cute. I can't stand hunting.
Eggs are best scrambled.
Elephants are so cute!
Elves are my favorite mythical being.
Elijah Wood is a good actor.
English is my second language.
Friends mean more than boyfriends.
Finding Nemo was such a cute movie.
Fish tastes good.
French fries are better without ketchup.
French kissing is so wonderful!
Gary is my favorite character from Spongebob.
Ghosts ARE real!
Gay marriage should be made legal.
Gap is one of my favorite stores.
Green is my favorite color.
Harry Potter is my favorite book.
Hippies were SO awesome.
Halloween is my favorite holiday.
Horses are my favorite animal.
Hugs not drugs! :]
I live outside the United States.
I can speak at least two languages.
I have been iceskating.
I would like to visit California
I want to be a teacher.
Jackass is a funny show.
Jaws is a scary movie.
Jeans are my favorite type of pants.
Jeopardy is my favorite game show.
Jolly Ranchers are my favorite candy.
Kimba the White Lion was a great show!
Korn is a good band.
KFC is one of the best fast food restaurants.
King Kong was a good movie.
Knickerbockers is a funny word.
Lions are my favorite animal.
Love is the best feeling on the planet.
Llamas are so cool. XD
LSD would be fun to try.
Liver actually does taste good.
My Chemical Romance is a good band.
My cell phone is a Razor.
Make-up will NEVER be absent from my face when I go out.

Marching band = <3.
My first name begins with a vowel.
Nachos are my favorite food.
Nail-biting is one of my worst habits.
Nightmare Before Christmas is a great movie!
Night time is better than day time.
Necklaces are my favorite type of jewlery.
Octopus's Garden is a good song.
Oranges are my favorite fruit.
Orange is my favorite color!
Olives are gross.
Opposites really do attract.

Pizza is my favorite food.
Penguins are so cute!
Panic! At the Disco is my favorite band.
Pretzels are my favorite snack.
Policemen scare me.
Quiznos is good.
Quoting movies is something I do often.

Quaker Oatmeal is what I have for breakfast most of the time.
Quaaack! I'm a duck! O_o
Quit smoking, people!!
Rabbits are my favorite animal.
Raging Rapids is a fun ride.
Robots fascinate me.
Ring Around the Rosy is disturbing.
Roses are my favorite flower.
Snakes scare me.
Singing is one of my favorite hobbies.
Swearing is something I should try to cut down on.
Sometimes my friends annoy me.
Summer is my favorite season.
The Lion King is my favorite Disney movie.
The Beatles have good music.
Tanning just doesn't work for me.

Tropical locations are the best.
Tacos are my favorite food.
Understanding math is impossible.
Under the Sea is a cute song!
UFO's are real.
UNO is a fun game!
Unicorns are so pretty. :]
Violins sound beautiful!
Vacuuming is a pain.
Vacations are the best times of the summer.
Valerie is a pretty name.
Vain people make me mad.
Wearing all black doesn't look too good.
Worms scare me.
White water rafting would be fun.
Water is my favorite drink.
Wearing socks is annoying.
Xanga is awesome!
X's are present in my username.
X is my favorite letter, actually.
Xylophones are cool.
X is the weirdest letter.
Yellow is my least favorite color.
Yesterday was better than today.
Yo yos were one of my favorite toys.
Yams taste good.
Yahoo is better than MSN.
Zoos are fun to go to!
Zig zag lines entertian me.
ZzZzzZ I'm getting bored.
Zebras are pretty animals.
Zesty is a cool word.

I can play an instrument.
My cell phone is on my desk.
There is a TV in this room.
My mom cooks dinner.
I've seen Edward Scissorhands.
I love felines.
Dogs for the win.
I take pictures of myself regularly.
I have a calendar hanging up in my room.

I have played tennis.
I love British accents.
I like m&ms better than skittles.
My hair is pulled up right now.
I'm the shortest of my friends.
I have more than one instant messenger.
I have a trophey from doing something or other.
I like Evanescence.
I have had braces.
I wear braces.
I need braces.
I would choose water over most pop.
My life is starting to get better.
I like English class.
I actually enjoy reading.
I don't consider black a color.
^^I learned that in art.
I own an iPod.
I hate Nickelodeon.
I play World of Warcraft.
My school is small. I mean, in comparison.
My room is messy.
I hate the heat.
But I hate the cold even more.
I couldn't live without my cell phone.
I've driven a car.
My parents are happy with how I do in school.
I like to draw.
I only read magazines.
I watched Barney when I was little.
Spinich tastes good.
I have brown eyes.
I can speak Spanish fluently.
I need to lose weight.
I smoke cigerttes.
^^Ewwww, I hate smokers!
I have had lice.
I've had a crush on a teacher.
I think people that marry old guys to get their money are awful.

I am male.
I hate seafood.
^^Yummy. :]
I've seen Blades of Glory.
I have DSL.
Pancakes are my favorite breakfast food.

Peter Jackson is amazing.
Johnny Depp is hot no matter what character he plays.
My name begins with a vowel.
My parents are divorced.
I do not have a religion.
I do not think Communism is bad.
Christmas is my favorite holiday.
I'm wearing jeans right now.
I'm seeing my boyfriend this weekend.
^^I wish. :(
I once owned fish.
I work out in gym class.
I've read The Giver.
^^It's a good book.
Chocolate milk is better than regular.

I hate taking baths.
I love cherry popsicles.
^^Banana is better.
I lovee Bath & Body Works.
I'm not very athletic.

Please stop fee-eeee-d-ing me!
^^What the hell?
I'm in more than 2 clubs at school.
I prefer pens to pencils.
I'm wearing a necklace right now.
The last thing I drank was water.
I like the song Unwritten.
I own a DVD player.
I'm really hungry.
^^I just ate.
I can do the Electric Slide.

^^And the Thriller for that matter.
I think I'll go to Heaven.
I've been swimming in the ocean.

I hate bolding surveys.
^^I usually just take them when I'm bored.
I have dyed hair.

I do not like pop music.
^^Classic rock is more my style.
I think red hair is really pretty.

I always hated Tinker Bell.
I own Bop It.
I still like The Backstreet Boys.
^^Their new stuff is crap.
I like fireflies. ^_^

[ ] i shop at abercrombie
[ ] i have more then 2 collared shirts
[ ] shopping is my favorite pasttime
[x] i own an expensive cell phone
[x] i wear designer perfume
[x] i have a designer handbag
[ ] i own an iPod
[ ] i cheerlead/dance
Total = 3

[ ] my favorite color is black
[x] i shop at hot topic
[ ] ozzy osbourne is amazing
[ ] some of my clothes have chains
[x] black looks good when paired with red
[ ] i like dark music
[ ] i write and sulk in my free time
[ ] i own a lot of red makeup
Total = 2

[x] i go on my computer all of the time
[ ] i wear thick framed glasses
[ ] i own a pair of overalls
[ ] i like checkered shirts
[ ] i know how to play chess
[x] i don't know much about sports
[x] i do really well in school
[ ] i always raise my hand in class
Total = 3

[ ] i have tried drugs before
[x] i sometimes cut class
[ ] i hate school
[ ] my report card and test grades are terrible
[ ] i'm high 24/7
[ ] my friends give me drugs
[ ] i plan on becoming a drug dealer some day
[x] i have tried alcohol as well as drugs
Total = 2

[x] i love rap
[ ] 50 cent is like, god
[ ] i know how to breakdance, and im pretty good at it
[x] "yo", "da", and "homie" are used in my vocabulary a lot
[ ] i wear journeys, bandanas, and white shirts practically all the time
[ ] rap and hip hop is all i listen to
[ ] i'm a 'gangsta'
[ ] brown, beige, and sometimes gray are used a lot in my wardrobe
Total = 2

[ ] band tee shirts are all i wear
[ish] i play guitar
[ ] i'm in a band
[x] i listen to NOFX, rancid, and the ramones
[x] i want to be a member of a famous band some day
[x] i wear dark mascara
[ ] i like Fall Out Boy
[ ] i skateboard a lot
Total = 3.5

Your name starts with :

Your age :
13 & under
25 +

Gender :

Sexuality :

Year you were born :
'84 or less
'85 - '90
'91 - '95
'95 +

Day you were born :

Month you were born :
Jan - April
May - Sept
Sept - Dec

Your hair colour :

Your eye colour :
Mixed/more than one colour

Your complexion :
Dark brown

Relationship status :
Taken (short term)
Taken (long term)

Height :
Very short
Very tall

Weight :

Personality :




Music :
Pop rock
Classic rock
Punk rock
Hard rock/alternative

Style :
Out there


Jewellery :
Nose rings, lip rings, etc.
Toe rings

Shoes :
Skater shoes (DC's, Etnies)
Running shoes (Nike, Adidas)
Peep shoes (open toe)
Ballet flats

Interests :
Music (listening, playing)
TV shows
Surfing the web
Chatting (MSN, AIM)
Games (video, computer, board)
Watching or playing sports
Hanging out with friends/family
Going out

Pets :
Guinea pig(s)
Lizard(s)/other exotic pets

Abilities :
Play music
Draw/do art
Make people laugh
Fix stuff
Play a sport(s)
Make something

Likes :
Going to school

Dislikes :
Bad grammar/spelling
Rap music
Reality TV
Video games

People in your life :
Best friend
More than one best friend
Both parents living with you
TONS of friends
More friends of the opposite sex
Barely any friends
All grandparents
Many cousins
More than one crush
Friend with benefits

What you do on the computer :
Play games
Surf the web
Talk to friends
Go to chatrooms
Update your site
Do surveys

What you own :
Make-up case
100 + magazines
100 + CD's
100 + DVD's
DVD player
Mp3 player/iPOD
Room key
Alarm clock

What you want :
Boyfriend/girlfriend..I mean, I have one. Doesn't mean I don't want him.
More friends
A job
Mp3 player/iPOD
New computer

Activities you do :
Fitness machines/tapes
Tae kwon do/karate
Weight training
Other sport

Gifts you like :
Other food

On the opposite sex (appearance wise).. :
Short hair
Long hair
Facial hair
Dark skinned
In between
Brown eyes
Other colour of eyes
Dark hair
Light hair
Soft features
Don't care about looks

On the opposite sex (personality wise).. :
Hard to get
A little freaky
Fun to be with

Preference :
Night owl
Early bird
Sleep on the side
Sleep on back/stomach
Big bed
Small bed
Junk food
Healthy snacks

I do surveys during commercials.
Sometimes I watch infomercials when I'm completely bored.
I love chicken noodle soup.
I'm getting bangs soon.
My mom buys me beauty supplies.
I have more than one tissue box in my room.
I want a black cat.
I want a tattoo on the inside of my wrist.
Eventually, I wish to have kids.
I rarely listen to CD's anymore.
My iPod/mp3 player is pink.
I collect pennies until they're worth $20 or more.
I am always re-applying my lip gloss.
I prefer to shop at big department stores than little clothing shops.
I can usually tell when someone is trying to keep something from me.
My Super Sweet Sixteen is just about spoiled brats who think they're better than everyone else because they have more money.

I like to put stickers on everything.
My best friend's birthday is coming up.
I don't have just one "best" friend, I have tons of really good ones.
I like white out pens better than the bottles.
I talked to my crush today.
I have taken a law class.
My favourite "friend" is Ross.
Or Rachel.
Actually, I like them all!
I know what Happy Bunny is.
And I think the rude comments are hilarious.

My best year of high school was freshman year.
I frequently "appear offline" on my messenger.
I rather talk to someone face-to-face than on the phone or online.
But it really depends who.

I never do my homework.
My teachers all hate me, and I'm not surprised.
I love doing other people's hair.
I have friends of all races.

I can't wait to see Saw III.
Scary movies give me nightmares!
I remember "Bill Nye the Science Guy" movies.
I hate it when people use the word retarded as an insult.
I love CSI.
I hate getting a grade of anything below an A.
My life sucks.
My favourite font is Century Gothic.
When I was little, I used to draw pictures for my teachers and give it to them on the first day.
I also jumped for joy when I found out which friends were in my class.
I've had a good friend move away, and it sucked.
I share a locker with someone.
I actually don't like The Simpsons that much.

001. Coke ; Pepsi ; Moutain Dew ; Sprite ; 7Up ; Diet ; Nestea ; Crush
002. American Idol ; America's Got Talent ; America's Next Top Model
003. Minesweeper ; Solitaire ; Hearts ; Backgammon ; Checkers ; Freecell
004. COSMOgirl! ; Teen Vogue ; Seventeen ; J-14 ; Teen People
005. TV ; computer ; music ; movies
006. Park ; movie theatre ; mall ; friend's house
007. Haircut ; manicure/pedicure ; waxing ; facial
008. Soap ; toothpaste ; shower gel ; bubbles
009. Ciggarettes ; drugs ; alcohol ; none
010. Earrings ; bracelets ; necklaces ; anklets ; rings
011. Prep ; goth ; skater ; rocker ; bitch
012. Mom ; dad ; sister ; brother
013. Blonde ; brunette ; redhead ; black hair
014. Dog ; cat ; rabbit ; hampster ; guinea pig ; mouse ; ferret ; lizard
015. Boys ; girls ; both
016. People ; animals
017. Cute ; sexy ; beautiful ; pretty ; good looking
018. Purse ; wallet ; bag ; backpack ; pocket
019. Nose ; eyes ; ears ; smile ; teeth
020. Pen ; pencil ; marker ; crayon ; pencilcrayon ; sharpie
021. Mp3 player ; iPOD ; CD player ; boom box
022. CD's ; cassettes ; DVD's
023. Horror ; comedy ; drama ; thriller ; action/adventure ; fantasy ; romance
024. Surveys ; icons ; quotes ; pictures ; banners
025. Numbers ; letters ; symbols
026. Water ; pop/soda ; juice
027. Sun ; rain ; snow ; hail ; wind
028. Make-up ; hair products ; skin care products
029. Clothes ; jewellery ; trends/fashion
030. School ; summer ; summer school ; winter/spring break
031. Building snowmen ; making snow angels ; having a snow fight
032. Making surveys ; taking surveys ; posting surveys ; finding surveys
033. Rock ; pop ; hiphop ; alternative ; rap ; r&b ; classic rock ; punk rock ; metal
034. Lip gloss ; eyeliner ; foundation ; eyeshadow ; mascara ; none
035. Reading ; writing ; singing/dancing ; band ; couch potato
036. Chips ; cake ; ice cream ; brownies ; popcorn :]
037. CSI ; Law & Order ; Missing ; Without a Trace ; Judge Judy
038. USA ; Canada ; South America ; Europe ; Asia ; Australia ; Africa
039. Laguna Beach ; The Hills ; Sweet 16 ; Made ; Room Rainders ; Pimp My Ride ; Yo Momma
040. Pizza ; burgers ; hot dogs ; chicken wings ; soup ; salad
041. Pink ; blue ; green ; red ; yellow ; orange ;
042. Videos ; songs ; soundtracks ; musicals
043. Reality TV shows ; comedies ; soap opera's ; series ; crime shows
044. Webcam ; digital camera ; regular camera ; picture phone
045. Stickers ; temporary tattoos ; nail decals
046. Cups ; mugs ; clear glasses
047. Glasses ; contacts ; braces ; head gear
048. Muchmusic ; MTV ; MTV2 ; VH1 ; BET
049. Beyonce ; Britney ; Christina ; Avril Lavigne ; Hilary Duff
050. Eminem ; 50 Cent ; Joel Madden ; Gerard Way ; Pete Wentz

I am wearing socks.
My TV is on.
I'm watching the TV as I do this.
I am cold.
I'm getting ready to go out.
I'm bored.
There is someone in the room with me.
I'm happy.
I'm waiting for something.
I'm updating my Xanga.
I have music on.
That music is rap, rock or country.
I have a friend over.
I'm in my own room.
There is a pet in my room.
I can hear someone talking.
My window/balcony is open.
The computer I am on is not mine.
I am wearing more than 3 pieces of jewellery.
The room I am in is messy.
The weather is really nice.
The A/C is on.
I am naked.
I'm going to bed soon.
I'm sitting on a chair with wheels.
I have a bag on.
It is past midnight.
I'm worried about something.
I'm avoiding something by doing this instead.
My garbage can is empty.
My blinds/curtains are shut.
I am mad at someone.
I am hoping someone messages or calls me.
I just did a survey before this.
I am doing another one after this.

I just came back from work or school.
I'm hoping this survey ends soon.
There's a candle burning.
The computer is the only source of light.
I can smell something.
The sun is still up.
I need to pee.
I should be doing something more important.
I have more sites open.
I am signed on MSN/AIM/Yahoo.

I am chatting to 3 or more people.
I have some kind of game opened.
I don't know why I am doing this survey.

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