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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
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don't waste the pretty
I just read Deathly Hallows in 21 hours. 

6 of which I spent sleeping, although I REALLY hadn't planned on it, and maybe another hour of pointless distractions. 

I'm in shock, I think, more than anything, and I currently can't form enough actual sentences to give you my opinions. 

So no spoilers here. Soon to come. Maybe.
15th-Jul-2007 11:37 pm(no subject)
don't waste the pretty
Thought I'd post all those POTC icons I made forever ago. Merry Christmas.

Once I get photoshop back on my computer, I'll play with them some more. I know these are boring. If you want to take and edit or whatever, go ahead. I have pretty limited graphic skills to begin with.

don't waste the pretty

Ok...so...OH MY GOD.

I got back from seeing Harry Potter about an hour ago...and IT WAS SO AMAZING!

And thank God for that. I was SO afraid Yates was going to screw up this movie and I was going to have to kill someone, because OOTP is my favorite book of them all. Fortunately, I think it was a lot much better than the last two. Especially PoA, that movie was so infuriating!

Anyways, in order to protect virgin eyes, a complete review is behind the cut.

You're just as sane as I am.Collapse )

don't waste the pretty

sorry. I'm a lil' excited.
don't waste the pretty
So, my birthday was on Wednesday. 

YAY! 19!

I've been having extended birthday festivities since then. I mean, I've had class and work, so I've got to spread it out in order to achieve the normal amount, right? Right. 

Anyways, I wanted to share with you all the birthday present from my mother. 

It was a good moment in my life.

Me and Aaren took a RIDICULOUS amount of pictures. I may post them, if I feel like it. :) 


I'm going to DragonCon. HAHAHAHA. I know, ridiculous, right? Why on earth would I do such a thing?


James and Oliver Phelps are going to be there. At the Mariott. In Atlanta. Here. 



So yeah. I'm going to stalk them. Although I have a *small* feeling me and Sarah won't quite fit in...I'm SOOOO not the sci-fi convention type. But who cares?!? I'm going to meet Fred and George!! I don't even know what to do with myself, I have to admit. 

God...this is like Josh Groban all over again.
19th-Jun-2007 04:52 pm(no subject)
don't waste the pretty
I made some Pirates AWE icons. This isn't all of them, just some that I like. I'll do a big post soon.

These are [mostly] boring, textless ones. If anyone feels like playing with them, feel free.








Ehhh. My uploader is being slow, I'll post more later.
13th-Jun-2007 11:45 pm - "dave's a killer!" - slap shot.
don't waste the pretty

So, last night I watched Slap Shot on AMC. I'd never actually seen it before, and my dad was watching it, and of course I can't turn down Paul Newman. 

HI-larious. Watch it. AND there's Paul Newman in leather (and that one scene where he takes off his pants...) and what-his-face who plays Braden strips on ice! 

If that's not a good enough reason I don't know what is. :D

Hanyways...I thought I'd post some of my stamps from all those rating comms I joined.

don't waste the pretty

Stick figures + photo editing = FUN.

Its a little wonky though, since I took a picture of it with a cameraphone.

don't waste the pretty

I hate Paris Hilton. 

HATEHATEHATE her with every fiber of my being.

She's an ignorant spoiled little rich baby who has no talent to speak of and acts like she's fourteen.

You know what I heard her say on the news today? Listen to this:

"I want to be an example to young people with the decisions that I make."

Honey. You are in JAIL for DUI and driving with a suspended liscense, and for basically being a complete idiot. Just because you WENT to jail like anyone else in the world would does NOT make you a good example. Honestly, how thick can you get? And most people in her position are in jail for more like SIX MONTHS, not howevermany days. And people don't get out of jail for "medical reasons" because their therapists say they're on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Get a freaking life. 

The world would be such a better place without her.

don't waste the pretty

I would LOVE for livejournal to stop hating me. 

I don't have the motivation to write out a big huge entry. Its just not going to happen. I need to vent though, so it'll come soon. 

Anyways, I made a bunch of pirates icons the other day, I need to get around to posting those. Unfortunately, photobucket hates me too.


Whatever. Its been a crappy couple of days.

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