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she was disinclined to play by the rules.
"If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee." 
9th-Jun-2008 10:44 pm
don't waste the pretty
Yeah, I did it.


I really need to find a job.

1.What time is it? 10:45 pm


2.Do you want to answer these? This is why I'm doing the survey, is it not?

3.Name? Chelsea.
4.Name spelled backwards? Aeslehc.
5.What is your quest? To seek the Holy Grail.
6.Nickname? Chels. Freckles by the boy.
7.Age? 19 [20 in 18 days!]
8.Hometown? Like, where I was born? Toronto. But I was raised in Atlanta.
9.What were you born in? A hospital.
10.Where do you live now? Cumming, GA at my parents. Rome when I'm at school.
11.What state? Georgia.
12.Ever going to move? Oh god yes. Hopefully Chicago sometime after I graduate.
13.Would you rather live somewhere else? I'd rather be back in Rome, actually.
14.Birthdate? 6-27-88
15.When do you blow out your candles? On my birthday...? After I make a wish.
16.Day you were born? Oh man. I have no idea! I want to say Sunday for some reason.
17.Zodiac sign? Cancer.
18.Do you know what that is? That? 'That' would be an article, I believe.
19.Sex? Female
20.Height? 5'6"
21.Weight? I have no idea. Around 150, I think?
22.Eye color? Blue.
23.Hair color? Red.
24.Any siblings? Oh yes.
25.Names and ages? Jordan-16. Caleb-13. Joel-11.
26.Do you get along with them? For the most part.
27.Any pets? Yep.
28.Names? Bailey. She's a wheaton terrier and quite the diva.
29.Parents? I mean, yes.
30.Names? Mary and Phil.
31.Do you get along with them? For the most part. My dad more than my mom.
32.Married or divorced? Married.
33.How long? Almost 20 years.
34.Website? I don't have one. Unless you count this.
35.Email? Its around here somewhere.
36.AOL s/n? I mean, I have one. Am I sharing it? Not at the moment.
37.Yahoo s/n? Not anymore.
38.ICQ? Nope.
39.MSN? Not anymore.
40.How many people are on your buddy list? 16. Ha. I went through and deleted every person I didn't talk to online.
41.Phone number? Not on the internet, you crazy people.
42.Personality? I have one, yes.


43. Do you want to answer these? Listen. That the dumbest question in the world. If I didn't want to, I wouldn't.

44.What school do you go to? Berry College.
45.What year are you? I'll be a junior in the fall.
46.What are you? ...a junior? Unless you mean...a human.
47.Hardest class? Ugh. Um...Accounting was terrible. But I think Social Psych was harder.
48.Easiest class? American Jazz.
49.Most fun class? Same! And pretty much all my theatre classes.
50.What day did school start? August 27th.
51.Do you have classes with friends? Almost always.
52.Do you have friends? Um. Yes.
53.Do you go to school events? Not usually. Except the shows. Because I usually have call at 6. Ha.
54.What was the last event you went to? Twelfth Night.
55.Do you have school spirit? Marginally more than I did in high school. Which was none.
56.Do you go to dances? On occasion. I went to semi-formal this year.
57.Stag or with someone? Well. I had the boy this year.


58. Do you want to answer these?
59.Have a significant other? Yes.
60.What is their name? Jordan. Not to be confused with my brother. Ha.
61.How old are they? 20 [as of 2 days ago!]
62.How long have you been going out? Almost 7 months.
63.Have you been faithful? Of course.
64.Do you have a crush? Um. Yes?
65.Who? The boy?
66.Do they know you like them? I should hope so.
67.You ever going to tell them? Listen.
68.Do you have an online crush? No.

In the Past 24 Hours Have You?

70. Do you wonder why I'm asking these questions?

71.Had a serious talk? Yes.
72. Hugged someone? Yes?
73.Fought with a friend? No.
74.Cried? No.
75.Laughed? Yep.
76.Made someone laugh? Yep.
77.Bought something? No.
78.Cut your hair? No.
79.Felt stupid? Probably.
80.Talked to someone you love? Yes.
81.Missed someone? God yes.

Have-you-ever ?

82. You want me to tell you? No. Please don't.

83.Smoked? Yes.
84.Stolen something? Yes. Not from an actual store, though.
85.Done drugs? No.
86.Drank? Yes.
87.Gotten drunk? Yes.
88.Eaten an entire box of Oreos? Why does this come up so much?! Ha. Yes.
89.Been dumped? Yes.
90.Had someone be unfaithful to you? Yes.
91.Hiked up a mountain? Yes.
92. Stayed home on Saturday night, just because? Yes. But its better when there's somebody with you.
93.Been in love? Yes. :)
94.Seen the White House? Not in person.
95.Seen the Eiffel Tower? Ditto.
96.Try smoking? Um. See #83?
97.Played monopoly? Yes. And I'm never playing with Aaren again, she wouldn't admit she was losing until we actually finished the game and she lost. Never. Again.
98.Seen Titanic? Yes. Its overrated.
99.Kissed someone? Yes.
100.Tried a weight loss program? Yes.
101.Jumped on a trampoline? Yes.
102.Colored in a coloring book (and had fun)? All the time! I have like, 6.
103.Had a bubble bath? Yes. recently, in fact.
104.Been on a plane? No.
105.Been on a boat? Yes.
106.Been on a train? No.
107.Been in a car accident? Yes. It wasn't a big deal, though.
108.Ridden an elephant? No! I wish!
109.Made a web page? Yes.
110.Played with Barbies? Oh yes.
111.Stay up all night? All the time. Whether I want to or not.
112.Shoved stuff under your bed to make your room look clean? Ha. Definitely.
113.Called a psychic or sex hotline? No.
114.Watched Jerry Springer? Yes. In my high school chemistry class. :)
115.Gotten in trouble for talking in class? Oh yes.
116.Been afraid of the dark? Sometimes.
117.Been in the hospital (not visiting)? No.
118.Had stitches? No.
119.Dumped someone and regretted it? Ha. No.
120.Gone out with more than one person at a time? No.
121.Lied? Of course. Hasn't everyone?
122.Been arrested? No.
123.Fallen asleep in class? Yes.
124.Gotten in trouble in class? Yes.
125.Used food for something other than to eat? Hahahahaha. I mean...it happens.
126.Meta celebrity? JOSH GROBAN AHH.
127.Broken the law? I mean, underage drinking?
128.Ever loved someone so much it made you cry? Yes.
129.Hated yourself? Yes.
130.Been brokenhearted? Yes.
131.Broken someone's heart? Yes.
132.Are you a virgin? No.
133.Done something really stupid? All the time.
134.Been arrested? Again. no.
135.Hurt a friend? Yes, unfortunately.
136.Broken a bone? Just my toe that one time Aaren ran into me with her bike in Seaside...
137.Ever had a crush on a teacher? Ha. A few times.


138. Why do you want to know? Must we go there?

139.Guy name? I'm a little partial to Jordan at the moment.
140.Girl name? I don't really care.
141.Nationality? Um. No preference?
142.Color? Purple and green.
143.Holiday? Christmas.
144.Day of the week? Saturday.
145.Restaurant? Macaroni Grill.
146.Fastfood restaurant? Taco Bell.
147.Food? Pasta. Any kind, really. And cheesecake for dessert.
148.Animal? I like dogs a lot. Although I really like lions, too.
149.Pet? Dogs.
150.Store? Like I can pick a favorite.
151.Mall? Lenox. [dies]
152.Clothes brand? Chanel.
153.Soda? Cherry Coke or Mountain Dew.
154.Alcohol? Red wine. Cosmopolitans. Coconut Rum.
155.Instrument? Saxophone. Piano.
156.Season? I love them all equally. Except spring, because of the allergies.
157.Number? I don't care.
158.Radio station? I hate the radio.
159.Song? You don't want the list.
160.Sport? Basketball. And Hockey.
161.Vacation spot? The city or the beach.
162.State? I don't know.
163.Country? Not the US. England. Ireland. France. Italy.
164.Flower? Crimson red roses.
165.Perfume? J'adore Dior.
166.Thing to do? Sing jazz. Theatre.
167.Actor? Gene Kelly. Humphrey Bogart. Marlon Brando. James Dean. Robert Redford. Paul Newman. Cary Grant. George Clooney. Johnny Depp. Tom Hanks.
168.Actress? Audrey Hepburn. Marylin Monroe. Rita Hayworth. Katherine Hepburn. Lauren Bacall. Ingrid Bergman. Mae West. Grace Kelly.
169.Saying? "She refused to be bored, chiefly because she wasn't boring." -Zelda Fitzgerald. "I love acting. It is so much more real than life." -Oscar Wilde. Anything by ee cummings.
170.Car? My dad's old camaro.
171.Month? June. or December.
172.Cartoon? Bugs Bunny.
173.T.V.Show? Lost. Sex and the City. Will and Grace. Scrubs.
174.Website? Facebook.
175.Book? The Great Gastby. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The Giver. Harry Potter. Twilight. Pride and Prejudice. Persuasion. To Kill A Mockingbird.
176.Quality about yourself? Um...I like being spontaneous and adventurous. It makes life so much more fun.
177.Your best friend? Aaren. Maggie. Emma. Sarah. Matt. Mark.
178.Your best guy friend? Matt and Mark.
179.Your best girl friend? See 177.
180.Fruit? Raspberries. Cherries. Pineapple. Mango.
181.Vegetable? Cauliflower.
182.Meat? Chicken. Unless you're counting seafood. In which case lobster and crab.
183.Quote? See Sayings.
184.Saying? Again? Sheesh.
185.Type of movie? Good ones.
186.Candy? Dark chocolate.
187.Language? English. And French. I wish I was better at it. And Italian.
188.Magazine? Cosmo.
189.CD? Again, you don't want the list.
190.Store? I'm just not answering repeated questions.
191.Movie? And again, the list issue.
192.Day of the week?
193.Singer? Ditto.
194.Band? Ditto.


195.Why are you so curious? I don't think I'm the curious one.

196.Like to swim? Yes.
197.Like to dance? Yes, although I can't.
198.Have a pool? In my neighborhood.
199.Have a car? Yes.
200.Going to get a car?
201.Your motto? Live for the moment.
202.What do you look for in a friend? I don't really 'look for' friends. Friends just sort of happen.
203.What do you look for in the opposite sex? A sense of humor, please.
204.Time you get up? Depends. At the moment, when I feel like it. But that's only until I find a freaking job.
205.Time you go to bed? Depends on how late I'm up talking to the boy.
206.What color are the sheets on your bed? Purple.
207.How many pillows? 6. I know. I like pillows.
208.Ever skip school? Class, yes. You can't really 'skip' college.
209.Have you ever been convicted of a crime? No.
210.What did you eat for dinner? Cheeseburger.
211.What are you wearing? Pjs. In the form of blue shorts and a 7up tshirt.
212.What movie makes you cry? Casablanca. The Notebook...those are the one 2 I can think of at the moment.
213.What book makes you cry? Harry Potter. Haha. SIRIUS IS ALIVE, I TELL YOU!
214.What song makes you cry? As Time Goes By from Casablanca. Now That You're Gone - Ryan Adams.
215.What/Who makes you laugh so hard you cry? Jordan. Most of my friends. The Mighty Boosh. Hank and John Green.
216.What is your favorite possession? Uh...my journals.
217.What physical, tangible possession do you want most? The boy. Yes, that counts.
218.How badly do you want it? Lets not talk about it.
219.Have you ever seen 'The Exorcist'? No. Thanks.
220.How long did it take you to understand why that question is here? Which question?
221.Does Christmas music played too far away from Christmas annoy you? OH MY GOD yes.
222.How old do you think you will be before you stop liking getting older? Hmm. Probably around 30.
223.What was the best Halloween costume you ever had? I don't know, I think my Marilyn Monroe costume 2 years ago was pretty amazing.
224.What was the worst Halloween costume you ever had? Ha...not having one?
225.What holiday do you think has still managed to retain its original meaning? Uh. New Year's?
226.There are currently no federal holidays during August-what should be put there? Hmm. NERDFIGHTER DAY.
227.How good is your short-term memory? Eh. Not terrible.
228.How good is your short-term memory? Haha. Very funny.
229.(Not very good I see, I repeated that question, did you notice?) Obviously.
230.How good is your long-term memory? Not as good as my short-term memory.
231.What is your earliest memory? Um. I don't know. I remember my 5th birthday.
232.What is your happiest memory (other than receiving this survey)? Probably something that's taken place in the past 7 months.
233.What is your strangest memory? Oh man. I have a strange life. So I have TONS of strange memories.
234.What is your worst memory? Ugh. I don't really want to talk about it.
235.What song, movie, etc. do you wish you could memorize? Clue. I mean, I'm just so close already...
236.What song, movie, etc. do you seem to memorize unintentionally? All those songs that play all the time on the radio that I hate.
237.What size are your feet? 10.
238.If someone you had no interest in dating expressed interest in dating you, how would you feel? Flattered, but no thanks.
239.Do you prefer getting to know someone first before dating them or going "blind"? Getting to know them. Definitely.
240.Could you carry on a relationship with someone with the same first name as a family member? Haha. Its funny you should ask that. And yes, I'm pretty confident that I could, since I have for 7 months already.
241.Have you ever wished it was more "socially acceptable" for a girl to ask a guy out? I mean, sure. Whatever. I don't really care if its socially acceptable or not, I'll do it if I want to.
242.What's your opinion on sex without emotional commitment? God no. Its just not worth it.
243.Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone physically unattractive? Yes.
244.Do you think the opposite sex finds you good-looking? I mean, I know at least one person does.
245.Would you be willing to give up sex in exchange for an emotional commitment you knew would last? I can't have both? Damn. What a lame deal.
246.Do you laugh when you hear or read the number 69? No. But that reminds me...
247.Were you lying about your answer to the previous question? No.
248.Do you actually know your Social Security Number? Um. Yes.
249.Do you actually know your IP address? Ha. Yeah right.
250.Do you know what an IP address is? I do, actually.
251.Do you know the four-character extension on your ZIP code? No idea.
252.Ever think there were too many numbers floating around in our lives? Definitely. I'm not particularly fond of numbers.
253.Does your head begin to hurt when you think of infinity,imaginary numbers, irrational numbers, etc.? Hahaha. Just anything math related, really.
254.What do you think of pi, you know, 3.14152967 etc..? I know 3.14. That's it.
255.Do you have a driver's license? Yes.
256.Do you sometimes see a movie or watch a show just because a good-looking celebrity is in it? Of course.
257.What celebrity's autograph do you want most? Josh Groban...OH WAIT.
258.Have people ever said you looked like a celebrity, and if so, who? Yes! I've gotten so many different ones. Most of them I don't see at all...but I've gotten Lindsay Lohan [kill me now], Kate Winslet, Drew Barrymore, Rita Hayworth, Ann-Margaret...
259.If there was to be a movie about you, who do you think should play you (in personality, looks or both)? Um. Me? Unless I'm dead, I guess. Then...I have no idea.
260.Does it ever annoy you when you know someone is a celebrity but you can't remember who they are? YES. God. I hate that.
261.If you could enter any celebrity's mind like in "Being John Malkovich", whose would you enter? Eh. I don't know that I'd want to.
262.Do you want to be John Malkovich? Not at all.
263.Have you ever wished you could experience being the other gender? Not really, no.
264.What do you love most about the other gender? Seriously, bone structure. I'm not even kidding. Not just the face, either. And I love when they get all protective of you. Its hilarious.
265.What do you dislike most about the other gender? Um...the ones who are assholes.
266.What do you understand least about the other gender? I think I prefer to understand less, actually.
267.Mac or PC? I don't care.
268.How much do you actually care about the inner workings of your computer or is it only as long as it works? I don't. Like, at all.
269.Do you ever begin preferring IMs to other forms of conversation? Frequently, actually.
270.Do you find you're different talking through IMs than face-to-face or on the telephone? Not really, but a little bit. I guess.
271.Have you ever bid on something on eBay and regretted it later? I haven't ever bought anything on eBay, so no.
272.If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Travis, so my parents tell me. I am SO not a Travis.
273.Would you name a child of yours after you? This is, of course, implying that I would have children. But even if I did, no.
274.If you had to switch first names with a friend of yours, who would you switch with? I like my name, thank you very much. But I don't know...Emma, maybe?
275.What's the way people most often mispronounce any part of your name? People ALWAYS say my last name wrong. I usually don't even correct people any more.
276.If you were to become famous, would you drop your last name (like Madonna, Cher, Roseanne)? No.
277.Like to give hugs? Of course.
278.Like to walk in the rain? I prefer to walk in the rain.
279.Sleep with or without clothes on? Depends on if I'm with the boy or not.
280.Prefer black or blue pens? Black.
281.Dress up on Halloween? Always!
282.Sleep on your side, tummy or back? Side.
283.Think you're attractive? I guess.
284.Want to marry? Eventually.
285.Have a goldfish? Not worth it.
286.Ever have the falling dream? Sometimes.
287.Have stuffed animals? Not anymore. Although I'm sure there are still some around here somewhere...
288.Do you believe in the traditional view of Heaven and Hell? For the most part.
289.Do you think God has a gender? Eh. No.
290.Do you think science counteracts religion? Yes.
291.Do you believe in organized religion? I just think its horribly corrupted.
292.Where do you think we go when we die? Heaven or Hell.
293.How easy is it to make you laugh? Really easy. I laugh at everything.
295.Do you laugh at jokes you know you shouldn't? Where's #294?!? And yes.
296.Do you tell jokes you know you shouldn't? Yes. Those are the best kind!
297.What words instantly make you laugh or at least smile? Um...I don't know?
298.What do you think is the funniest thing you've ever said or written? No idea.
299.Do you ever dance to music when nobody's watching, when someone's watching? Hell yeah.
300.What is/are the worst song(s) you have ever heard? Anything in that Hillary Duff actresses who felt like recording an album that day genre.
301.What song(s) do you wish you could understand a little better? Some of those French ones I have.
302.What song(s) are constantly in your head? "For You"- Duncan Sheik.
303.What song(s) do you think describe your personality best? Oh man. I don't know.
304.If you were to serenade the object of your affections, which song(s) would you use? Come Rain or Come Shine.
305.If the object of your affections were to serenade you, what song(s) would you hope he or she used? The Way You Look Tonight.
306.What movie(s) do you love that nobody else seems to? Um...I can't really think of anything.
307.Do you agree with the idea that sequels are always worse than the original? No!
308.Who's your favorite Star Wars character? Han Solo. [dies]
309.What kind of movie do you think there should be more of? Good ones. That are less predictable.
310.What movie(s) do you simply not understand the appeal of? Really gory horror stuff.
311.When eating, are you more concerned with taste or healthiness? Taste, for the most part.
312.What's your favorite kind of cheese? Brie.
313.What do you think your answer to the previous question reveals about your personality? Hahahahaha. That I like French cheese?
314.If you knew exactly what went into Chinese food,hamburger meat, etc., would you still eat it? Chinese food...probably yes. Hamburger meat...probably not.
315.Do you ever feel guilty eating meat? No. I have a vegetarian boyfriend to balance me out. :)


316.What a unique category, don't you think? Whatever. I'm taking a break to dry my hair because its making my neck cold.

317.Are you sure you have friends? Um. Yes.
318.Best friend?
319.Second-best friend?
320.Email the most? I don't really send emails.
321.Call the most? Probably Aaren.
322.IM the most? Sarah.
323.Best friend of the opposite sex? Matt and Mark.
324.Best offline friend? Um. I don't have any strictly online friends, I don't think.
325.Best online friend?
326.Which friend do you dislike the most? What?!
327.Person you can always confide in? Maggie. Like, for ANYTHING.
328.Person that you can talk to for 12 hours straight and never get bored? Maggie. Aaren. Jordan.
329.In a fight or annoyed? Um. No?
330.Friend's house you sleep at the most? Aaren's.
331.Friend's house you wish you could sleep at but can't? Um...I can't really think of anybody's house I couldn't sleep at if I wanted to.
332.Who is the first number on your speed dial? Voicemail. After that, my dad.
333.Who would you take away on a week vacation? Jordan. Or just lock us up in my room for a week. Whatever is fine.
334.Craziest? All of the above.
335.Weirdest? Ditto.
336.Most fun? Ditto.
337.Saddest? Um?
338.Quietest? Um. Probably Aaren.
339.Who knows you the best? Aaren and Maggie.
340.Who do you know the best? Same.
341.Who do you like to shop with? Emma! We have pretty much the exact same taste.
342.Talk with? All of above.
343.Trust the most? All of the above.
344.Flirt with? Well, Jordan. Duh.
345.Laugh with? All of the above.
346.Give advice to? All of the above. God. I give so much advice.
347.Who gives you advice? All of the above. Although Emma does particularly a lot.
348.Best singer? Um. Aaren, Emma, Matt, Mark.
349.Best athlete? Ha. Emma.
350.Who is the nicest? Like my friends are nice to each other. Please. :)
351.Who is the meanest? Ha. We all are.
352.Best dancer? Emma.
353.Best writer? Jordan, Emma, Mark.
354.Best smile? I mean, I'm a little biased to Jordan's.
355.Most creative? I think they're all pretty creative. I mean, they're mostly theatre kids, so...
356.Best dressed? Aaren and Emma.
357.Best shoes? Emma.
358.Who doesn't care if they lie? Ha. Um...Jordan. Hahahaha. No no. I don't know.
359.Who can't lie? Aaren and Emma.
360.Most innocent? Aaren.
361.Most innocent looking? Uh...Aaren. Ha.
362.Rebel? Jordan, Maggie, Sarah.
363.Moodiest? Ha. Emma and Sarah.
364.Happiest? I like to think we're all pretty happy.
365.Cutest? I mean, how am I supposed to NOT pick the boy for this?


366. It's because I'm bored, can't you figure that out?

367.Religious? Eh. I don't like the word "religious".
368.Try to be fashionable? I try, and I like to think I'm pretty successful.
369.Think fashion is important? Somewhat.
370.Get along with your family? For the most part.
371.Get along with your friends? Well yeah. That's why they're my friends.
372.Get grounded? Not since I was like...16.
373.Know any foreign languages? Francais, un peu.
374.Run into walls/doors? Ha. Yes.
375.Blonde? At heart? Neither.
376.Who do you talk to most online?
377.Who do you talk to most on the phone?
378.Are you a bum? Sometimes.
379.Do you get online a lot? Constantly.
380.Do you shower? Uh. Yes.
381.Do you hate school? I love school. I'm not particularly fond of class most of the time.
382.Do you have a social life? As much as you can have a social life in Rome.
383.Do you trust people easily? No.
384.Have you ever lied to your best friend(s)? Yes. I mean, it happens.
385.Are you a dare devil? Ha. Yes.
386.Would you ever sky dive? I want to say no, but I could probably be talked into it.
387.Do you like to dance? Yes, although I can't, really.
388.Are you funny? I like to think so.
389.Are you a serious person? When I need to be.
390.Do you make friends easily? Quite.
391.Do you work out? On occasion.
392.Do you like to work out? Eh. When I'm in the mood.
393.How much can you bench press? I don't think I've ever bench pressed in my life.
394.How much can you lift? I can't remember.
395.Are you a popular person? Now, define popular.
396.Do you have plans for your future? Sort of. I should probably get on that.
397.Do you plan to go to college? Already there.
398.Do you play sports? No.
399.Do you like sports? Some.
400.Do you play an instrument? A small amount of piano, an even smaller amount of guitar.
401.Know what you want to be when you get older? A jazz singer.
402.Ever been out of state? Yeah. Not much, but yeah.
403.Out of the country? Just Canada.
404.Do you like to travel? I LOVE it. I wish I could do more of it.
405.What do YOU think of the way you look? I'm content, I think. More than I used to be.
406.What do YOU think about your attitude? I mean, it works for me.
407.What do you think about life after death? I don't think much about it, really.
408.What do you think about karma? Its quite the bitch.
409.What do you think about love? So worth it.
410.What do you think about fate? I believe in it, for the most part.
411.What do you think about yourself? I like myself, generally speaking.
412.What do you tell yourself if times get hard? That it'll all be over soon. And that years from now, this is going to be such an insignificant part of my life.
413.What would you give your life for? The people I love.
414.What do you think about your first love? Well. I'm currently with him. So...
415.What do you think about the first person that loved you? Ditto.
416.What are you scared of? Tornados. Spiders. Walking alone at night.
417.Do you cry easily? No.
418.Who/What is something/someone that has touched you? My closest friends, especially my group I've developed in college.
419.What was the saddest moment of your life? I mean, I'd prefer not to think about it, thanks.
420.What would life be without friends? Not life at all.
421.Without family? Ditto.
422.Without you? Well, I mean, I wouldn't have much of a life if I didn't exist, would I?
423.Are you deep? I think so.
424.Do you think love is once in a lifetime, or just chance? I don't know yet.
425.Do you like your town? Eh. I don't hate it.
426.Do you wanna get out of your town? Yes. I need a big city.
427.What design/logo is on your mouse pad? I don't have one.
428.What color is your mouse pad?
429.Drink a lot of water? Yes.
430.Have a cell phone/beeper/etc.? Cell.
431.Do you like amusement parks? YES.
432.Have you ever been to 6 Flags? Numerous times.
433.What namebrand do you wear the most? I don't know.
434.Do you like taking pictures? Yes!
435.Do you like getting your picture taken? If I look decent.
436.Do you have a tan? Not really. Just freckles.
437.Do you get annoyed easily? By certain things. Like...stupid people.
438.What are you hobbies? Jazz. Theatre. Classic movies. Fashion. Taking pictures.
439.Do you have your own phone/phone line? Just the cell.
440.Do you have any posters/pinups on your bedroom walls? I have so many posters I no longer have room for them all.
441.Are you sick of this survey yet? Immensely. But at least its something to do.
442.Do you get good grades in school? Eh. In classes that I like.
443.How do you vent your anger? I generally like to talk to someone I can rant to. And journaling about it helps too.
444.Are you a role model? I don't know.
445.Who do you look up to? A lot of my friends, actually.
446.Who do you trust the most?
447.Do you have any piercings? Just ears.
448.Do you have any tattoos? Not yet. I'm working on it.
449.Do you dream a lot? Yes. Crazy things.
450.Do you daydream a lot? Yes.
451.Have you had a nightmare lately? Yes. Last night, actually.
452.Do you have any allergies? I'm allergic to springtime.
453.Do you have any health problems? No.
454.Do you like animals? Yes.
455.Do you have any pets?
456.Do you like siblings? Ha. Just in general? I mean, whatever.
457.Do you have glasses/contacts? No.
458.Do you have braces? No.
459.Do you have a job? No! GAH! I have to find one this week or I may die.
460.Have you ever been fired from a job? No.
461.Who did YOU want to be President? OBAMA.
462.Who would you vote for, if anyone, and why? See above. My hands are too sick of typing to go into why I like him.
463.Do you have a curfew? Not anymore.
464.Are you a vegetarian? No. But the boy is.
465.Could you be a vegetarian? God no. There are too many things I love to eat.
466.Have you ever thought about suicide? No.
467.Do you like coffee? Its my lifeline.
468.Do you have a sweet tooth? Oh yes.
469.Do you like horror movies? No.
470.Do you like to spend or save your money? I mean, both.
471.Do you keep your room clean? No.
472.Do yours well? heh?
473.Do you eat vegetables? Yes.
474.Are you a flirt? Ha. Yes.
475.Are you good at flirting? I mean...I've got some experience.
476.Do you like to go to parties? Yes.
477.Do you still go trick or treating? No. Although I totally would.
478.Are you an angel or a little devil? Definitely a devil. Although I can hide that quite easily.
479.Do you get along with people? Yes.
480.Have you ever just started dancing/singing in the middle of somewhere? All the time.
481.Have you ever won anything? Not anything significant. Like, say, the lottery.
482.Do you have a waterbed or a regular bed? Regular. I had a waterbed when I was little, though.
483.What size? Queen.
484.Do you get bored easily? Sometimes.
485.Do you play golf? No.
486.Do you play miniature golf? I fail at mini golf.
487.Do you like tennis? I'm indifferent.
488.Are you flexible? Sort of.
489.Are you a sweet heart? Eh. Not really.
490.Would you like to be cloned? Uh. No. Thanks.
491.What are your opinions on cloning? I can't say I really have any opinions. Its not something I've really decided on how I feel.
493.Scaramouche,scaramouche, will you do the fandango? Thunderbolts of lightning very very frightning...I'm going to stop before I do the whole song.
494.Did you like this survey? Whatever.
495.Are you sorry you began filling it out? Sort of. My hands hurt.
496.What questions do you wish it had asked? Surely there couldn't have been more.
497.How would you have answered them? I may not have.

498.When was the last time you let the people you love/people who are important to you know you love them/that they are important to you? This afternoon.
499.What do you want the people who are reading this survey to know? Um...I don't know.

500.What time is it? 12:34 am.

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